Electronic Message Centers



Sign Graphics & Design is an authorized dealer for several brands of Electronic Message Centers.  We have authorized factory training by our manufactures to properly guide the client through the purchasing process.   An electronic message center is a very important decision.  Making sure that you’re getting the correct unit is where our job begins.  We are a factory authorized and trained dealer, we understand the message center units, what they are capable of and how to select the correct unit for our clients.  A properly designed message board can increase sales and provide a stable established impression for any business serious about growing their business.


Electronic Message Centers continue to become more popular and less expensive to own or lease.  As the technology increases, the prices continue to decrease, while the longevity of the units are increasing.  Amazingly, electronic message centers continue to be affordable, companies that could not afford them a few years ago are now realizing message centers are now within reach.  Sign Graphics & Design is committed to helping our clients to acquire, properly use and realize the potential of the electronic message center.


We offer LED illuminated boards in single color, tri-color and full color in just about any size and matrix.  Electronic reader boards now have the capability to play video, motion and animations.  The software that programs these units are easy to learn and simple to master.  If you can learn any computer program, you can learn and master the play list driven software that drives an Electronic Message Center.  We offer online programming training for the end users.  By using both the online training and technical support your message center should remain working for you.


No matter how complex the project, we have the resources from our manufacture, our local engineer and our twenty four years of experience.  We use all of our resources to benefit your purchasing decision.   Starting with traffic counts, speed limits and viewing distances and lines of site, we take all the variables into consideration when designing our proposal.  Our goal is to provide a well-designed application that best fits into the environment it was designed for.  The right sign that works best for you is what we want at Sign Graphics & Design.