Channel Letters FAQ’s

What are Channel Letter Signs?

A channel letter sign is made up of multiple individual letters that spell words or make up logos within a sign display.  Channel letters typically mount onto a storefront wall above a business entrance, composing a storefront sign.  Each letter is individual and typically internally illuminated.  Today the illumination within a channel letter sign is often low voltage 12 volt LED’s.


How do I determine the design and layout of a new sign?

Sign Graphics & Design will work with you to develop and design a sign that will work for your business.  We’ll apply our experience and knowledge to your project to develop a product that will work for you and your business.  Our goal is to make your next sign the very best sign possible.


What are the options available?

Sign Graphics & Design can fabricate your channel letters in any shape, size or color imaginable.  We are able to custom fabricate your design in a variety of creative methods.  Channel letters are not restricted to wall signs, they can be incorporated into pylon signs, monument signs and any type of identification required.


What colors are available?

With the advent of digital printing channel letters can display any color, photo or subject imaginable.  Sign Graphics & Design has mastered the technology to digitally print on to a translucent sub straight.  This means that every image to be displayed will be correctly illuminated so that it looks good both in the day and night when internal illumination lights the subject from behind.


How are Channel Letters Installed?

Typically channel letters are wall mounted signs and the wiring required to illuminate the signs are remote located behind the wall.  With LED illumination there is a power supply that converts 120vAC electricity to 12vDC.  Power going to each letter is 12v.  All channel letters are wired and fastened according to all local building code requirements.