LED Parking Lot Lighting



LED Parking Lot Lighting

Retro Fit Existing Fixtures to LED     |       New LED Fixtures

Existing parking lot lights consume high amounts of energy.  LED technology for parking lot lighting has developed into a dependable effective method for lighting.  LED is a greener more efficient source than the traditional high energy consumption of the limited older technology.  We have the capability to convert your parking lot lighting system to LED Lighting.

LED Parking Lot Lighting is more dependable, longer lasting and brighter that the older methods of illumination.  The illumination start time is instant rather than waiting on the older systems to “warm up” to full intensity. There are less components involved with LED lot lighting, eliminating major components including ballast, capacitor & starter will eliminate maintenance.

The LED Bulb is direct wired by-passing and eliminating those expensive ballast and other electrical components.  Contact Sign Graphics & Design to quote converting your parking lot lighting LED Lighting.  You’ll see that LED is a clearer whiter more defined lighting that your customers and patrons will notice.