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A properly designed LED sign can increase sales, generate traffic and make a great impression on your audience.  That’s why we offer our professional services to ensure each client invests in the right type of Electronic Message Center (EMC) that works for their needs.  We consider every variable in designing a sign design proposal and provide guided user support to help you navigate your new LED message sign.


Daktronics is an American manufacture of electronic message centers.  Sign Graphics has been a Daktronics Partner for over 15 years.  We have maintained our relationship over the years because Daktronics is the very best manufacture of electronic message centers (EMC’s).  Once a Daktronics message board is installed it’s very rare that we return for service.  Their products are very dependable which reflects on your businesses image and reliability.

Daktronics products are vigorously tested and constantly improved for reliability and dependability.  Daktronics continues to update their technology. Their end user content is easier to use and simpler to navigate, they offer content programming programs that will keep your messages fresh and updated.

Complete Resources and Expertise

No matter how complex the project, we have the knowledge and means to meet your unique signage-related goals.  With over 31 years in the industry, we offer expertise as an authorized Daktronics trained partner, to provide knowledge and know-how.  We work our factory resources along with or local design engineers to design and install a display that exceeds your expectations.
Electronic Display Services

Electronic Display Services

Clients can request custom units of just about any size and matrix array. We manufacture LED-illuminated scoreboards in single-color, tri-color, and full-color.

User Support

We have a thorough understanding of how to select and maximize EMCs based on your needs. That’s why we offer our expert guidance help you navigate your message center. We conduct online programming training sessions and provide convenient technical support services to ensure you create the best possible displays while using your EMC unit.

Intuitive Technologies

EMCs today are now capable of playing videos, motion pictures, and animations. They are now more economic, energy-efficient, and more user-friendly than ever, with convenient features and cloud-based programming. It is very easy to control, much like using any computer program.

FAQs on EMCs

What is an Electronic Message Center (EMC)?

An Electronic Message Center sign is a programmable, outdoor LED screen that composes lettering, messages, and photographic images. EMCs are programmed by computer software that communicates to the sign by either a hardwire or wireless connection.

You can create messages within the computer software program and compile a playlist of images that can convey your messages to the public outdoors from your business. Accessories like time and temperature can be added to attract viewing interest and provide a public service.

EMCs are available in a single-color (monochrome) red or amber and in full-color red, green, blue (RGB) pixels that can create billions of color combinations. They are manufactured and engineered in sizes from 2 x 4 feet up to 14 x 48 feet.

What determines if an EMC is high-definition?

The pixels are the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). They are made up of one or more LEDs. A full-color EMC typically has three (3) LEDs grouped in one pixel. The pixel emits a combination of color and light intensity from the three primary colors to create any color combination needed within the composition.

The pitch is the spacing between pixels. This pitch is typically a measurement in millimeters that is the measured distance or spacing from pixel to pixel. The closer the pitch, the higher the picture definition will be.

Keep in mind that a small pitch is not always desirable. You’ll need to take into consideration the viewing distance and determine how far you want your message center to be readable and seen. Sometimes a higher pitch may offer better readability from an increased distance.

Has technology made EMCs more dependable?

Yes. Today’s Electronic Message Centers (EMC) are far more dependable than the earlier units once manufactured. In the early 2000s, manufacturers discovered how to encapsulate the driver boards and computer circuit boards within the sign to withstand the adverse weather conditions.

As manufacturing became more stable, these components soon became able to withstand extreme hot and cold, salt, air, and wet weather conditions.

Today, the LEDs are arrayed in a grid on a driver board, which is an encapsulated array of pixel LEDs. The driver board units are modular and easily replaceable. The other computer components within the sign are also better manufactured and typically last much longer than the earlier manufactured units.

Currently, most manufacturers offer a five-year parts warranty. The expected unit life is greater than 10 years.

How do you know what unit is right for my business?

Sign Graphics & Design will provide a complete survey for your business. We will determine the optimum viewing distance, what the local zoning code allows, your specific conditions at your site, and the best communication method. We will provide a detailed proposal that will work best for your business at your specific location.

We can manufacture the entire sign ensemble, including your business identification along with your electronic message center.

How does an Electronic Message Center communicate with my computer?

An EMC has multiple options for communication with your computer. An EMC can be hard-wired directly from your computer to your sign. The sign could be connected with a fiber-optic connection. It can have a wireless connection wherein both computer and sign will have a radio antenna where they are coupled to the same frequency.

Message Centers installed today can be programmed from anywhere through the internet cloud. Through the cloud, you could program your messages from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

What is the best manufacturer?

Sign Graphics & Design is an authorized dealer for many EMC manufacturers. We are trained in service and sales for the following manufacturers:

► Daktronics
► Adaptive Display Solutions
► Electro-Matic

We have dealt with each of these manufacturers for over 10 years. We have been to their manufacturing facilities and have been trained in technical issues, computer coupling, and diagnostic troubleshooting. If you are having an issue with your EMC, Sign Graphics & Design can service your unit back to working condition.

What is important to consider when buying an Electronic Message Center?

Experience! You want to purchase your EMC from a company that knows and is trained in the industry. Sign Graphics & Design has been providing and installing EMCs for over 20 years! We’ve seen bulb style, halogen-lit, and ultimately, LED illuminated message boards.

We’ve been through the evolution process with the manufactures that we represent. We know what works and why. We’ve been in business since 1990. Our experience and knowledge can provide you with a well-designed, quality display that will last for years.


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