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Brighten Your Image With Brilliant LED-Powered Signs

Illuminated visuals are excellent means of attracting customers to your location. That’s why we offer efficient product solutions that meet your design goals while staying within budget.

Illuminated Signs

We Make All Types of Lit Signs

The following signs are offered in all types of
illumination including neon, fluorescent, and LED:

  • Channel Letters

  • Sign Cabinets

  • Box Signs

  • Pylon Signs

  • Monument Signs

  • Illuminated Wall Signs

  • Illuminated Building Signs

  • Ground Signs



Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to develop greener lighting solutions. This improvement does not compromise the brightness or intensity of our illuminated signs and offers an excellent economic advantage. To further help with costs, we offer various leasing options so you can access our reliable services.

Support Services

You sign is your image.  We offer service, repair and maintenance solutions to make sure your sign displays are always bright and in excellent condition.

Project Proposal Process

Our design proposals are created based on the specific needs of your business and location. We research the limits and restrictions of your site, along with the governing laws of your local jurisdiction. Our goal is to highlight your design and create a quality display that meets your needs and conforms to the local zoning requirements.

Commitment to Quality

Our team continues to improve each sign with the goal of creating maintenance-free products. We carefully create our displays meet the approval of the UL Listing Company.  Our signs are made using only the highest quality components that have passed the strict requirements and certifications of the UL.


Illuminated Channel Letters: Custom-Designed andLED-Illuminated

Channel letters are a great way to boost your identity.  We can design, fabricate and install all types of channel signs including raceway or flush mounted.  Channel letter are sign media that we can customize to your specific logo design & business look.  Channel signs can be illuminated with neon or LED.  With LED illumination the brightness never fades, there highly dependable and energy efficient.  Our goal is to create low-maintenance, durable products using UL approved materials & methods.  We’ve been fabricating channel letter sets for over 31 years, give us a call to design your project.

Advanced Lighting Solutions

Our high output LED illumination systems use less than 1 ¼ of the energy used by traditional neon or fluorescent lighting systems.  With LEED certifications for energy efficiently it only makes sense to carry LED Lighting into your signage display.  Our LED lighting system colors are more vibrant and stay true to their expected hues, even during colder temperatures.  Since our LED signs are only 12 volts, they are wired with less voltage and amperage making the system much safe, lower maintenance and more cost effective.


Channel Letters FAQs

Illuminated Pylon Signs: Custom-Fabricated andProfessionally-Installed

An attractive sign will help your business grow. It will help to build a sleek, dependable business image that will allow your customer to have confidence in your goods and services. We offer our services from product design to installation, ensuring you get the highest quality, low-maintenance pylon signs.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Your success is our success. That’s why we work hard to make sure your business signage goals are met every time. We always strive to give you an above ideal experience, growing our list of referrals and networks with every successful transaction.

About Our Specialists

Our team includes a complete crew of experienced professionals, from our engineer, designer, fabricators and installers we’re an experienced crew that’s been in the sign business for many years.  Our insight and knowledge is invaluable when designing, planning fabricating and installing every detail of your project.  A durable, low-maintenance sign is the goal of our company.

Light Up Your Commercial Space

For exceptional, economical signs, talk to our friendly team here in Milford, Ohio.